Aid Our Needy Ld People

Aid a needy Lyme disease patient for the holidays –

Patient #1: Needs a home in Illinois. Aid this patient with a room in your home, or donations earmarked for the patient to find a new apartment.

Patient #2: Living in a tent village in Washington State. Earmark money to pay for physicians care, and get an apartment.

Patient #3: Soon to lose her apartment in Philadelphia. Earmark your donation to aid this extremely ill patient to find a new dwelling. She is about funding.

Patient #4: Aid this single mother with physician care costs.

Patient #5: Patient needs drug coverage, has not been able to get disability, has no income, very ill … cannot get Medicaid. Bedridden.

Patient #6: Patient is very disabled... has no money, and needs to move a new apartment,

Patient #7:  Patient needs money to pay for testing for Lyme disease,

Send checks to: LDUC; PO Box 465; Boone, IA 50036 or donate securely through PayPal on this website by clicking the DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED located to the left of this page and Be sure to earmark which patient number you are helping… i.e.“Aid patient #3”.